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Catherine Lam
PADI Divemaster, #413802

I never regretted the decision to learn scuba diving! I was attracted to Scuba diving when I was snorkelling at Tioman. I could only see that much on the surface; I wanted to see more, so I was compelled to pick up scuba diving. Scuba diving added so much fun, adventure and exhilaration to my travels. Scuba diving brings me closer to the underwater world and its mysteries. With a growing passion of teaching cultivated at work, I began to explore opportunities to teach at the sport I enjoyed, therefore I decided to sign up for the DM course with The Submersibles.


I’d dived with The Submersibles ever since my open water course, and never regretted doing so till now because the Submersibles crew are a passionate bunch, informative and ever-ready to spread the love of scuba diving! I enjoyed The Submersibles greatly.

Q & A:

  1. Favourite marine life:

  2. Flutter kick or frog kick underwater:
    Frog kick underwater

  3. Do you like to take video or still pictures?
    I prefer to stare into the sandy bottom for 30 minutes

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