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Chua Ying Kai
PADI Instructor, #467622
Co-Founder of
The Submersibles

Ying Kai started learning how to swim at 8 years old fell in love with water from the very first moment, he. He enjoyed his weekly swimming classes so much that he chose swimming as his ECA. He would go on to swim for schools, from Secondary to College to University. It was in the University that he took up scuba diving. That further strengthen his love of being in water as now he can now be submerge for a longer period!


He became a Scuba Instructor during his University days so that he can be diving regularly despite having a very limited budget as a student. After graduation, he was in the corporate world for 7 years. While working, he co-founded The Submersibles with Esther in 2006.


Despite teaching scuba diving part-time while working, he felt that it was still not enough time spent in the ocean. In 2009, he decided to leave the corporate world and took the plunge to be a full-time scuba diving instructor and have not look back since.

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