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Coastal Clean Up

The best people to clean up underwater trash are scuba divers! As such, The Submersibles regularly supports cleanup efforts in the waters around Singapore. Together with the local government organizations and NGOs we stand united in our efforts to keep the waters and reefs healthy for future generations.

Lazarus - 7th March 2020

The Submersibles went back to Lazarus last Saturday (7th March 2020) for another clean up. This time round covering Lazarus North and Lazarus West. More than 200 over pieces of debris were retrieved from the ocean, with most of them being fishing related stuff.


Details of the debris can be found at:

• Dive #1:

• Dive #2:


Very grateful to Todd Rosin together with Asia Development Network Pte. Ltd. and Aquapak Polymers Inc. for sponsoring this event. Many thanks to Aaron Wong and Jasmine Tee from Asian Divers for covering the event, do check out Aaron’s Instagram for his amazing photos of Lazarus!


Sincerely appreciative of all the volunteers that helped out for the event both underwater and on surface. Special shoutout to the our amazing S.Crew (Yixiong, Hilary, Samuel, Geetha, Wena, Lynette Seah, Lisa, Ewan, Zhaobin & Denise) for running the event smoothly.

Last but not least, thank you for liking and sharing this event to spread the awareness of our ocean!

Photos courtesy of Aaron Wong

You'th Dive Against Debris

Pulau Hantu South Jetty - 10 June 2018

Once again, thank you The Submersibles for organizing and Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore - MPA for sponsoring the You'th Dive Against Debris hosted by NUS Dive Club!

Let's be mindful of what's entering our oceans!


Number of Participants: 24

Total Debris Collected: 87.5kgs

Earth Day Ocean Clean Up, 22 April 2022

Thank you all the sponsors and volunteers for making this happen. Your efforts contributed greatly to the success of this event. We look forward to your continued volunteer involvement with Ocean Clean Ups.


A total of apprx. 50kg collected from 2 boats. 170+ plastic bottles collected from one boat alone... let's continue to do our part for the ocean.

Boat #1 - 179 items, 12 kg

Most common: Fishing line - 110m  |  Plastic bottles - 39  |  Fishing sinkers - 23


Boat #2 - 289 items, 20.5kg

Most common: Plastic bottles - 173  |  Fishing line - 34  |  Sinkers - 11

World Oceans Day Clean Up Dive - 8 June 2022

Today, we have 3 boats, 27 divers and 3 surface support!


We collected a total of 411 items that weighed 71kg. These items were mainly fishing lines and plastic bottles. Oh yes, there was a bolster too!!!


Event was sponsored by Jackson Square Aviation and Hapag-Lloyd AG.


Supported by Our Singapore Reefs, Coastal Natives, The Submersibles and SS Scuba.


Thank you all sponsors, divers, S.crews, PADI, PADI AWARE Foundation and everyone behind the scene!