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Jani Tanzil
PADI Divemaster Trainee

Disruptive technology novice by day, law student by night; Wena is an outspoken individual and does not shy away from open conversations and difficult situations. Diving with Wena might introduce you her vernacular such as the “uh-oh” nudibranch and “thingy”. She enjoys meeting people and exchanging experiences. 


Connecting with The Submersibles family back in 2016 led her to a strong support system (which is growing fast) with other divers, endless opportunities to share the joys of being underwater and ultimately discovered a passion to further her PADI Pro journey.


P.S., if you look up the definition of “fun under pressure”, you might just see an accompanying picture of Wena watching YouTube videos of puffer fishes blowing up (thanks to mischievous dolphins).


P.P.S, if you want to know what the “uh-oh” nudibranch is, a local dive with The Submersibles can help solve that code word… or you could just ask Wena (but there’s no fun in that).


Q & A:

  1. Favourite marine life:
    Octopuses and nudibranchs.


  2. Accessory you cannot dive without:
    Pointer - a girl’s gotta stay grounded.


  3. People call you the:
    Critter hunter.

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