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Ng Boon Leong
PADI Instructor, #413880

Boon Leong is looking for any excuse to blow bubbles underwater, and can often be found at his favourite dive site, Pulau Hantu in Singapore, looking for colourful nudibranchs and other macro photography subjects. He enjoys travelling around dive sites in South East Asia, to appreciate the beauty and diversity of marine life in the region. In particular, he also enjoys the thrill and adventure of wreck diving, as it gives him the opportunity to see a facet of the region's rich maritime and military history that is often invisible and underappreciated.


He is also a volunteer guide with the Hantu Bloggers, a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading awareness about Singapore's marine bio-diversity and the need to conserve it.


His day job is an educator at a local junior college and his other hobbies include board games and movies.


Q & A

  1. Favorite marine life:


  2. Flutter kick or frog kick underwater?
    Frog kick


  3. 1 accessory you want to remove from the divers?
    That would be pointer. 

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