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The earth is approximately 30% land. Care to find out what happens in the other 70%?

Specializing in customized courses for small groups, The Submersibles is here to help you take your first giant stride underwater. There, you'll be able to discover the aquatic environment through the PADI Open Water Diver course: the world’s most popular and widely recognized scuba course. You will learn dive theory and practical skills such as buoyancy control, basic (and rarely needed) emergency procedures and general diving skills. Upon course completion, not only will you be a qualified and competent diver, but also someone who knows how to have fun under pressure (The Submersibles ’tagline!).



  1. Minimum age of 15 years old (or 10 years for Junior OWD). For youths aged 15 and below, the presence of one or both of their parents/guardians during the course is strongly recommended.

  2. In reasonably good physical and mental health.

  3. Ability to swim 200m continuously (without stopping) and float 10min on the surface of water without any aid/assistance.

  4. Keen interest to have lots of fun!


Course Syllabus:

Dive Theory Online: Learn the basics of diving at your own pace through PADI's E-learning. A total estimated time of 15 hours is required, including completion of all quizzes and the theory exam


Pool Training: Now is the time to put the theory you have learnt to good use! The practical training in a swimming pool environment prepares you for the grand finale: the open water dives.


Open Water Training: The real thing begins! Here, we reinforced the skills picked up during the pool session in open water, eventually certifying you as an Open Water Diver, the gateway to endless fun and exploration.

*Note that there will be a re-scheduling fee of S$60 per person per session in the event that you have to make any changes to any lessons after confirmation of schedule.

**There will be additional charges for additional pool lessons for any students who are unable to fulfil performance requirement in the scheduled pool session. Charges is S$ 150 per session (one to one), S$ 100 per session (two in class)

Location: Tioman, Aman Beach Resort

The most common overseas location we conduct the open water portion of the PADI Open Water Diver course is at Tioman, Malaysia. We will be staying at the newest resort on the island, Aman Beach Resort, a 4 star luxury resort located at Kampung Paya.


  • Meals on way to Mersing and Sunday dinner

  • Travel Insurance

  • Park Fees: RM 35 per person

  • Tips



  • PADI OWD E-learning theory package

  • Knowledge and theory review at Braddell House

  • Pool sessions (If more than 2 sessions are required, additional charges apply)

  • Full equipment rental including a dive computer for both pool sessions and open water sessions

  • Overland and ferry transfer between Singapore and Aman Resort, Tioman

  • 2x Breakfast, 2x lunch, 1x dinner 

  • Accomodation at Aman resort


We also can conduct the open water portion in Singapore if you do not wish to travel. Do ask us for more information or alternative locations.


About Us
The Submersibles


Like any REPUTABLE, RESPONSIBLE and AWARE dive shop, The Submersibles conducts PADI scuba courses strictly in accordance to PADI standards, procedures and requirements.  In fact, we aim a tad higher by giving students the extra attention (and hence safety) through small group teaching in the confine and open water, as well as in providing Dive Computer and SMB in the open water dives.

All we ask for is your commitment to the course schedule and the course, a keen interest in learning scuba diving, and most importantly a love for the environment. With those qualities, we guarantee you a fun and safe time diving, and being taught with knowledge, patience and enthusiasm.


As with all good quality products and services, we cannot compensate QUALITY by lowering our costs; be it the quality teaching by our instructors, or the quality of the time you spent underwater.  One thing for sure, graduating from The Submersibles’ PADI courses signified that you have earned your certification through our comprehensive education system and you will be recognized in Singapore, as well as among our numerous partners across Asia. You will be warmly welcomed wherever and whenever you dived with our partners as well.


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