Details about  Trident Scuba Hose Two Station Holder with Swivel Gate Clip Y-Type

12.12 Sale - Trident Air Hose Holder

  • The Trident Two Station Y-Type Scuba Hose Holder with Swivel Gate Clip lets you route and secure your hoses to keep your reg, octo or console right where you want them during the dive.

    Two hoses snap securely in place at right angles to one another and stay put until you remove them. Large eye gate clip swivels 360°, making it easy to attach the hose holder to your BC and ensuring hoses won’t become twisted or kinked when you reach for attached equipment.

    Two station, Y-type hose receptacle pivots on its attachment point to the gate clip to allow easy, unrestricted movement of both hoses and diver.

    Constructed of tough, impact resistant plastic.

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