Special Collection - TUSA Mask Strap Cover

  • Designed with comfort and style in mind, the TUSA Mask Strap Cover acts to keep you comfortable in the water. Comprised of neoprene, the material is durable and provides a great level of comfort.

    Mask strap covers are designed to make your life wearing a mask easier. Often divers can experience discomfort while wearing a mask with issues like hair tangling in the strap. This cover is engineered for optimum fit and comfort to get rid of these problems. The hook and loop fastener makes it easy to attach over a standard mask strap.

    Key Benefits

    • Designed for Comfort - The neoprene material used in this mask is designed to be highly comfortable, meaning that it rids you of discomfort when diving.
    • Durable - The neoprene material used in the strap cover is highly durable and is the same used in wetsuits, meaning it will take on the usual wear and tear with ease.
    • Stylish - The simple design adds a level of style to your mask strap and comes in a variety of colours to match your suit and style.
    • Easy to Attach - The hook and loop fastener on the cover makes it easy to put on and makes sure that it stays in place while you dive.