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Fourth Element - Amphibian 6.5MM Diving Boots

SKU: 0414
  • The Amphibian is a brand new scuba diving boot which is extremely unique in that it features ergonomic footbed insoles for ultimate support. Each insole provides heel and arch support with a in built heel strike pad to cushion impact. These diving boots are ideal for regular shore diving and have some fantastic features such as a fin strap retainer and achilles heel cut away for improved comfort.



    • Moulded sole
    • 6.5mm neoprene for comfort and warmth
    • Ergonomic footbed
    • Engineered fin strap retainer which improves fin strap position
    • Heavy duty zip with velcro zip stopper
    • Double layer reinforcement on forefoot and heels
    • Achilles cut away for comfort when finning.



    • 80% Nylon
    • 20% Polypropylene
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