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Samuel Tan
PADI Instructor, #413398

Samuel is a crazy cat person and marine biologist at the Tropical Marine Science Institute of NUS, who works on an island full of cats, and intends to do a PhD someday when he can find somewhere that wants him. He likes animals of most kinds, and both terrestrial and underwater wildlife photography.


He started diving shortly after Junior Collage along with other nature-loving schoolmates, and has been diving with The Submersibles ever since.


He loves the amazing variety of critters that you encounter out in the deep blue sea, and has become a PADI Pro in order to share the joys of the underwater world with others.

Q & A:

  1. Favourite marine life (one of):
    Mola mola. It’s weird.

  2. Favourite Submersibles animal:
    Sarah the Husky, RIP. Followed by Mr Sticky and Ms Jups

  3. Big stuff or macro?

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