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  Emergency First Response (EFR)  

Every breath you exhale contains 16% unused oxygen. By giving someone the "kiss of life", that 16% oxygen can help sustain a victim's life and help him or her recover from irreversible brain damage.

The Emergency First Response Course teaches you valuable first aid and CPR techniques that will provide you with the knowledge and skills base to help a person in need. During the course you will learn the same up-to-date techniques used by professionals to extend the window of recovery for a victim in the event of an emergency. The course consists of watching instructional video segments accompanied by skills practice to hone your rescue skills. The combination of visuals and physical practice will aid recall in an actual emergency situation.

None (non-divers are welcome to enroll as well - the course is not associated exclusively with scuba diving).


6 to 12 hours



  • SGD $ 280 for one person

  • SGD $ 220 for two people

  • SGD $ 190 for three people

  • SGD $ 160 for four or more people (maximum of six)


Price includes EFR manual, video session, demonstration and practical sessions and EFR certification card valid for two years.


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