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PADI Pro with SS Scuba


About SS Scuba

SS Scuba Pte Ltd is a PADI 5 Star Dive Center that was set up in 2010 by a group of fun-loving scuba instructors. We have a strong passion for scuba diving, and we are a group of divers who love the ocean and mother earth.


Our teaching Philosophy

When it comes to teaching, we are firm in following PADI standards, while adopting a student-centric philosophy. This means that we cater the lessons based on the students’ learning ability and when everyone is certified, they are on the same capabilities as per prescribed by PADI.


In order to do this, we do not plan a lesson’s schedule based on as little time as possible to earn money but based on the student’s learning curve to ensure great learning experience. We believe that small group teaching allows students to pick up and master the relevant skills quickly and easily.


All our instructors are patient. By being patient, this means they will be teaching you patiently without rushing you for time or yelling at you because they want to go home early. By being patient means that they will come back for extra lessons with you if you need, and not just brush it off and wish you luck. This patience is a great virtue that all instructors should have and our company policy allows it. We have seen the same instructor when teaching for other dive companies unable to replicate the same kind of patience when teaching for us, as other companies do not offer that kind of time and environment.


Our scuba crew are affectionately known as S.Crew.  Due to our comprehensive training, our S.Crew are well known and respected. They also have the opportunity to explore beautiful dive locations around the world.

About S.Crew

Our tagline is Fun Under Pressure. This is a good reflection of our S.Crew who are always having fun while diving! At the same time, everyone respects and follows PADI standards and safe giving guidelines. Hence diving with us is always safe and fun!


Turning Pro

The first step to turning pro, is to embark on the PADI Divemaster. And you will become our S.Crew once you signed up for our PADI Divemaster Course!


Our Divemaster program is specially designed to prepare you to be a successful dive professional and not just as a dive guide.


By working closely with our PADI Instructors, you'll expand your dive knowledge and hone your skills as you become a dive professional. PADI Divemaster training develops your leadership abilities by training you to supervise dive activities and assist instructors with student divers.


Many Singapore based Dive Centers limit their diving to only nearby Malaysian Island, Tioman. We offer diving to a whole range of global destinations for our clients. This means that our S.Crew has more opportunities to dive in destinations beyond just Tioman!


While many dive centers do not provide employment opportunities for Divemasters in Singapore, we are different in that sense. We work hard to create job opportunities for DMs. This include creating our own in-house Scuba Improvement Programs, where our S.Crew get to conduct programs that help certified divers become better divers, while earning money.


We will also be embarking on becoming a PADI Swim School in the near future, and this will create additional opportunities for our S.Crew to earn more income.

DM to Instructor

What’s next after becoming a PADI Divemaster?


While SS Scuba is not a PADI IDC center, we do work with selected Course Directors from time to time. The reason on our choices of CD to work with, is based on our experience with them as well as the instructors that they produced. While all certified and renewed PADI instructors should possess the same knowledge and requirements, they may differ in their perceptions. We do find positive and inspiring Course Directors being able to inspire new Instructors better and the instructors they produced are able to work better with our philosophy when comes to teaching.

About IDC

The PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) typically runs between 9 to 12 days (depending on the Course Director). Upon completion of your IDC, you will sit for a 2-day exam, known as Instructor Examination (IE). Upon completing your IE successfully, you will be certified as PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI). And you will be allowed to teach from Open Water Diver Course all the way to PADI Divemaster course. All this within a very short period of 2 weeks duration, which can be very overwhelming without strong Dive Center support.


Dive Center Support

SS Scuba Pte Ltd is a PADI 5 Star Dive Center. We understand the struggle of a newly certified instructor. It is difficult to find students willing to learn from a newly certified instructor. At the same time, most IDCs only focus on teaching candidates how to pass the IE. And most of them will not provide you with the pre or post IDC support that we offer.


With our Dive Center support for newly certified PADI Instructors, you will be assured of having students to teach, proper guidance and team teaching how to teach PADI courses properly, within PADI standards and have fun! This will greatly give you confidence as an PADI instructor and also give you plenty of job satisfaction.


For Divemasters booking their IDC through us, you can be assured of a positive experience from the moment you book your IDC. This includes and not limited to:

  • Getting you your IDC pack within 1 week of confirmation

  • When you come to collect your IDC pack, we will go through your IDC pack with you, item by item, explaining to you what each item is used for and what you need to do at home to prepare for IDC as well as future teaching

  • Pre-IDC attachment: unlimited FREE pool sessions and hantu dives when we have real students to get you prepared mentally and physically (Worth SGD 1,500)

  • Post-IDC attachment: FREE team teaching with a more senior instructor for 1 OWD course, 1 AOWD course, 1 EFR course, 1 Rescue Diver course and 1 session of DM Course, before you teach independently on your own. (Worth SGD 2,500)

  • FREE Intro to PADI Swim School

    • How to become a PADI Swim Instructor

    • How you can earn as a PADI Swim Instructor

  • 50% off your PADI Swim Instructor Course Fee

  • Get paid for teaching after completion of post-IDC attachment

For Instructors who did not do/book your IDC through us, we are able to provide support for you as well! There is option of:

  1. Pre-IDC prep course: SGD 1,500

  2. Pool Session for

    • 800m snorkel

    • 24 skills

    • Class Management in Pool environment

  3. Assisting Instructors in real courses to gain real life experience:

    • OWD (pool & open water)

    • AOWD (pool)

    • EFR (classroom)

    • Rescue (classroom, pool & open water)

  4. Post-IDC Team Teaching Internship: SGD 2,500

    • Team teaching with a more senior instructor for:

      • 1 OWD course

      • 1 AOWD course

      • 1 EFR course

      • 1 Rescue Diver course

      • Team teach 1 session of DM course

    • Intro to PADI Swim School

      • How to become a PADI Swim Instructor

      • How you can earn as a PADI Swim Instructor


PADI Swim School

We will be starting PADI Swim School from January 2019 onward. This will allow our S.Crew to have additional earning opportunities through teaching internationally recognized swim programs catered to all walks of lives.


In-house Scuba Improvement Programs

Being a Dive Center that actively advocates better scuba diving skills, we have created 3 divers’ centric programs to help scuba divers improve their underwater experience. We will conduct a FREE in-house scuba instructor course for everyone who did the PADI Divemaster Course with us. This will also create job opportunities for our S.Crew to allow everyone more chances to teach and earn money.


The 3 SIPs:

  1. Improved Consumption Program

  2. Efficient Finning Program

  3. Weight Loss Program


The environment

As nature lovers, we do share a deep concern about our environment, especially our ocean. With that in mind, we actively promote Project Aware’s Dive Against Debris to empower more divers to become “rubbish collectors” underwater safely.


In addition, we organize clean-ups frequently. Most of the time, our S.Crew get to dive for free, in return for managing the event, and/or collect debris from underwater.

Email us for more information!

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