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  Shipping & Returns  

Delivery Cost

(for all orders not exceeding 2kg)


Domestic (SG)

Ninja Van 2 - 5 day Delivery (10am-10pm): Flat rate of $10

Timings are conditional upon confirmation of order and receipt of items by Ninja Van by 2pm.

Other zones

When will my order be dispatched?

We endeavour to dispatch your item(s) ASAP within 3-5 days but may take longer when they are out-of-stock or are pre-order items. Regardless of scenario, we will be in touch immediately after your purchase to establish expectations.


Product Assurance & Warranty

Shop with confidence because you will receive the following warranty cover with our products.

  • Dive Computers: 2 years

  • Cameras & Housings: 1 year

  • Tray & Arm Systems: 1 year

  • Strobes: 1 year

  • Dive Lights: 1 year

  • Wet Lenses & Adaptors: 1 year

  • Accessories: 3 months

  • Batteries & Chargers: 6 months

  • GoPro Accessories: 3 months

  • Extended Warranty after Servicing: 3 months


Returns and Repairs

While we have every confidence in the products we curate and sell, there may always be the off-chance that it comes with a defect. If this is the case for you, rest assured that you can do a 1-for-1 exchange within 7 days of purchase.


Should you encounter an issue after the 7 days and repair is required, it gets a little more complicated since the source of most of our products are from Hong Kong. Warranty and repair considerations aside, freight charges will be additional as we do not layer these incidental costs into our product pricing (to keep them as competitively priced as possible for your benefit).


This table summarises the different cost elements.

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