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  Scuba Refresher  

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Many scuba divers have not been diving for a period of time
and we know you miss blowing bubbles underwater.
How about a refresher course to stay in touch with diving as well as to prepare yourself for some local dives?

How do you benefit from the Scuba Refresher programme?
  1. Improve buoyancy

  2. Avoid stirring up silt and harming corals

  3. Refresh basic skills (e.g., clearing mask and retrieving regulator)

  4. Review safety procedures


Under the guidance of our PADI Dive Professionals, you will be able to sharpen your skills so that your upcoming dive trip will be safer and more enjoyable than you thought!


We offer the following programmes at SS Scuba Pte Ltd to cater to your needs:

Contact us at or Whatsapp 8013 8445 for bookings and enquiries!


About the PADI ReActivate™ Program

The PADI ReActivate™ program is the perfect way to update your dive knowledge and review basic scuba skills. Whether you just need a few reminders or want a more comprehensive review, this program provides an engaging, prescriptive refresher of scuba principles and procedures.


The program has two components:

  1. a knowledge review that includes interacting with ReActivate eLearning

  2. a dive skills refresher you complete with a PADI Professional.


After successfully completing both components, the PADI Diver receives a replacement eCard showing a “ReActivated Thru” date.


Click on this link for more details and sign up for the PADI ReActivate™ Program.

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