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Special Collection - iTorch Tec

  • Torch TEC 210 Lumen LED Underwater Scuba Diving Light with 6 Degree Beam Angle

    I-Torch TEC is more powerful and has extra features than the I-Torch. This light differs from both the I-Torch and I-Torch PLUS because it now has a narrow hot beam. It uses a special lens to give it the narrow beam instead of a reflector, which provides a better beam compared to that of a reflector. It has the same LED in it as the I-Torch plus still providing plenty of lumens. The narrow beam makes it better for poor visibility or in water with lots of particulate matter. The narrow beam helps to push further out than the wide beam. The TEC also has a bigger rubber bumper around the lens and one around the rear of the light also. Plenty of Scuba diving light for the money.



    • Switch: Reverse Bezel twist
    • O-Ring: Double O-Ring seal
    • Battery: 6x AAA
    • Burn time: 10+ hours with 4 hours max brightness
    • Lumen: 210 Lumens
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