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Special Collection - Symbiosis SS-02R (GN32+2000 Lumens)

  • The SS-2 is the second iteration of the Symbiosis series - iDivesite's revolutionary range of combined strobe-cum-video lights.

    Designed to be an even stronger powerhouse than its SS-1 predecessor, its strobe has a guide number of 32 and a full dump recycle rate of 1.6 secs. At full power, its 3400mAh battery will give you 550 shots. While this may be less than the SS-1 due to the increased output, it is still primed to cover a full day's diving (depending on video light usage)! No more stress with surface interval charging!

    The video light on this variant throws out up to 2000 lumens of 5700K light in a 120 degree arc. The lighthead remains interchangeable, allowing photographers to upgrade/swap between options in future, providing for more versatility and longevity. You can also detach the lighthead and battery and use it as an independent torch (requires the LH-AD-01 Lighthead Adaptor).

    Comes with:

    • 1 x battery
    • 1 x charger
    • 1 x YS mount
    • 1 x ball joint
    • 1 x diffuser kit
    • 1 x lighthead remover

    Remember to get a spare battery (B-1498B) for rotation!

    Strobe Specifications:
    Guide No. 32
    Colour Temp. 5700K
    Weight 1030g (land) / 50g (underwater)
    Beam Angle 90 / 100 (with diffuser)
    Number of Shots 550
    Recycle Rate 1.6s (full dump)
    Battery 14.8V Li-ion Battery (50Wh)

    Video Light Specifications:

    Brightness 2000 Lumens
    Beam Angle 120 degrees
    Modes 10-level white + 10-level red
    Burn Time 100mins @ 100%
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