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iDivesite Photo/Video Lights - i-Torch Venom 50 RGB (5000 Lumens, CRI 90)

SKU: 0211
  • The Venom line has always been testament to iDivesite’s relentless quest for innovation and light quality, and if you have been following the brand in DEMA in the last 2 years, you'll know that the birth of the new Venom RGB models have been eagerly anticipated.
    Upping its game from previous models, the Venom 50 RGB boasts 5,000 lumens of light with a CRI rating of 90. For the uninitiated, CRI is a 1-100 scale that measures the ability of a light source to show an object’s naturalness, hue discrimination, vividness, preference, colour naming accuracy, and colour harmony compared to a standard reference source like daylight. The lower the CRI rating, the less accurately colours will be reproduced. The CRI for professional imaging generally starts from 90, making this model perfect for photo/videographers in need of a high quality light source for lighting up medium scenes.
    What's particularly new and special about this light is that it is able to vary the RGB colour output, which is ideal for creative lighting and altering the background tone.
    Watch the DEMA demo at:
    • Brightness: 5,000 lumens
    • Modes: 10-level white + 10-level red + spot RGB spectrum + spot white
    • Beam Angle: 100 (wide) / 30 (spot)
    • Battery: 1 x Li-ion battery 14.8V 3400mAh 50Wh (B-1498B)
    • Burn Time: 55mins @ 100%
    • Sealing: Double O-ring
    • On/Off Switch Type: Push Button
    • Battery Indicator: YES
    • Depth Rating: 100m / 330ft
    • Material: Corrosion resistant anodized aluminum head, polycarbonate body
    • Weight: 420g
    Remember to get a spare battery (B-1498B) for rotation.
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