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Seac Sub Mask - Mantra

SKU: 0096
  • Mantra is a diving mask with an over molded frame and anatomical skirt. This model with a unique tempered glass lens guarantees a great visual field of immersion. The entire skirt is made of high quality silicone, which allows for perfect seal and reduces internal swelling.

    Mantra has a hydrodynamic profile and shaped to the maximum for maximum adaptability to the face. The strap is also soft and elastic silicone while the 3D adjustment buckle is positioned on the face to lessen the face pressure of the mask.


    • Frame: Silicone
    • Skirt: Liquid Silicone
    • Skirt: Midi fit available
    • Strap: Liquid silicone
    • Lens: Clear single lens in tempered glass
    • Buckle: 3D buckle system
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