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Size: 14.8" by 2.7"

Weight: 3.1lb

Airline Approved


Do drop us a message to find out more on the accessories.

Subnado Underwater Scooter

  • Features:

    • Compact & portable design for an easy carry-on.
    • Truly free your hands with the finger ring controller.
    • Quick-release mounting creates more possibilities.
    • For multiple over/underwater activities- SUP, surfboard or scuba diving.
    • Max depth of 60m.
    • Max speed of 1.4m/s with a single scooter, 2m/s with two.
    • 100W USB-C fast charge ready, fully charged in 1.2 hours.
    • The accessories mount supports 3 auxiliary accessories
    • Child-friendly design.
    • 98Wh Lithium-ion built-in battery, airline approved.

    * Subject to the user's weight and water conditions.

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