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What's in the full kit..

1 x i-Das TR-03A Standard Base Tray w/ Adjustable Extensions
1 x BTR-001 Base Tray Adaptor
1 x i-Das HD-GN Pistol Handle with Ball Head (for base trays)
1 x i-Das BB-i05 5" Double-Ball Arm
1 x i-Das BM-i03 3" Arm w/ Ball Head and YS-Adaptor
1 x i-Das CL-138R Clamp (w/ 40-degree side articulation)
1 x i-Das CL-120R Clamp (w/ 60-degree side articulation)
1 x i-Das ABCD Arm Buoyancy Control Device
1 x iDivesite SS-01 Symbiosis SS-1 (GN24+1000 lumens)
1 x OC-01 Optical Cable
Extra Necessities
1 x B-1498B Lithium Battery Pack for rotation
1 x Lanyard FREE

iDivesite Full Kits - i-Das Single Arm Kit w/ SS1 Strobe

SKU: 0110
  • You're no newbie. Your photography pursuit is rooted not merely in capturing haphazard memories, but in deliberate and crafted creation. And good quality light is vital to that creation. Nothing beats having a strobe - both in light strength/quality as well as battery life.

    If you're not yet ready to get 2, this is the package for you.

    Housing not included. Image for illustrative purposes only. Click on the individual product links above to see more details.

    Get the whole package now for 25% off instead of buying the parts individually!

    Also receive a FREE lanyard to secure your rig to your BCD! Like we said, we got you covered.
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